CoViD19 Vaccination Journey

Got my 2nd shot on October 26, 2021. Yeah!

I’ve gotten my first shot! My LGU came through and I had my first does last week October 5, 2021. I had the Phizer one and my next shot is on October 26, 2021.

I’m not vaccinated yet but I’ve already registered via my LGU’s online form. It’s been almost a week since I’ve done that but no responses have been made yet.

I then got to know of a drive-thru vaccination site in Paranaque, more specifically in Nayon Pilipino if I’m not mistaken. According to news articles, non-residents of Paranaque can register as well and that’s what I did (and my wife did too) here. I did just a few minutes ago so let’s see if they do respond after a day (like what others say). Here’s the confirmation message though from their website:


After more or less 12 hours, I got a text message saying:

You are now registered with Paranaque VIP REGISTRY. Kindly wait for SMS advisory on your scheduled vaccination date. For assistance email us at . Thank you!

It’s now September 7, and we have yet to receive a text message indicating our schedule. But it’s only been several days so our hopes are still up!

I will be updating this post with updates, up until I’ve finished all doses of the vaccine.

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